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What Is A Town House?

There are a lot of options when looking for a new place to live, which can be confusing. Besides a private residential home, you might be looking at an apartment, condo, or town house. People sometimes get confused about the differences between these types of housing. An apartment is a unit you rent, while a condo is similar except that you own it. Today we’re going to explore the question: what is a town house?

Town Houses Are Physically Attached to Each Other

You may have heard town houses referred to as row houses. That is because they are physically attached to the units on either side of them, by ‘shared walls.’ Many people prefer the town house at the end of a row, as they do not share a wall with two neighbors. These dwellings can be a single story or multiple stories high. You own your property as well as the land it sits on.

Is a Town House Right for Me?

If you buy a town house in a large complex, you may be required to contribute money each month towards general upkeep of common areas. This fee is called a HOA (Homeowners Association) fee. Most town house owners enjoy having a front and back yard, just as owners of private homes do. Although a town house owner is responsible for their yard, they don’t have as much exterior maintenance to worry about. Other benefits include greater security and on-site amenities. Examples might include a swimming pool, tennis court, and party room.

You may have slightly less privacy living in a town house. Another thing to consider is that you may not be able to decorate the exterior exactly as you like. However, many people find the trade-off for a better sense of security to be worth it. If you have questions or concerns before buying a town house or want to consider looking at a few Longwood condos instead, please contact our staff.

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