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Landlords: List Your Rental Property With Us!

If you’re a property owner and want to find qualified tenants quickly and easily, Longwood Residential can help.  Below are 4 reasons why you should list your apartment with us.  Don't forget to tell us about your apartment here!

1.) RENT IT QUICKLY.  Tap into our waitlist of qualified renters. You’ll also leverage our many different advertising outlets including a website optimized for search engines, and social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook.

2.) MAXIMIZE YOUR RENT. Longwood Residential has over 20 years of real estate experience in the area, so we know the current rental climate. We’ll help price your apartment according to market conditions to maximize revenue.

3.) GET GREAT TENANTS. The majority of our rental clients are hospital affiliates in the Longwood Medical Area. We do not work with undergraduate students, and all of our clients are pre-qualified prior to touring your property.

4.) WE KNOW WHAT IS IMPORTANT. We’ve managed some of the most prominent luxury buildings in Boston, so we know what is important to you. Longwood Residential takes pride in fostering great relationships with local real estate owners. We do this by pre-qualifying our clients, making sure all application paperwork is detailed and thorough, and respecting your current residents during any apartment tours. You’ll find our agents to be diligent, responsive, and respectful.

Want to secure great tenants quickly and easily?  Tell us about your apartment here!

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