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Longwood Residential Team

Nick Reynolds, Ron Ifrah, and Mike Tinsley opened Longwood Residential in 2011.  The company’s early years were a whirlwind of learning, and provided a crash-course introduction into the fast-paced world of Greater Boston real estate.  Over a decade later - with a stellar team of agents and over five-hundred million dollars in total sales volume - Longwood Residential has emerged as a fan-favorite boutique office that outperforms much larger operations.  As hundreds of five-star reviews attest, buyers and sellers have been thrilled with the company’s proficiency and customer-first approach.

It seems like there is a real estate office on every street corner.  What makes us different?  At Longwood Residential, we pride ourselves in embracing the "new" without neglecting the "old."  This means that we research and embrace the latest technology, but we're meeting property owners every day - digging for opportunities for our buyers.  It means that our sellers get sleek internet and social media exposure, but we're not afraid to make 50 phone calls to find the right buyer either.  We're a forward-thinking office that doesn't ignore the proven "tried-and-true" habits of success in our industry.

We look forward to helping new buyers land their dream home, and helping sellers get top-dollar with minimal stress!

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