Should You Move to Brookline, MA?

  • Should You Move to Brookline, MA?

No other U.S. city has made such a drastic transition in population growth than Boston.  Boston has been experiencing phenomenal growth, and the surrounding neighborhoods and suburbs of Boston are riding the city’s coattails.  Brookline, MA, is located a mere 15 minutes from Boston, giving residents a cozy, small-town feel with the benefits of being in close quarters to a major metropolis.

  • Demographics and History

A little under 60,000 people call Brookline their home, and there are about 9,000 people per square mile in the suburb.  The area has an even split between married and single people, with half of all married couples having children under the age of 18.  The city has a very young median age, which is aligned with the fact that so many children live in Brookline.  The median age for the town is only 33.6 years old.  The state-wide median age in Massachusetts is 39.1 and rising.  Over 80% of Brookline’s residents hold a bachelor’s degree, and over half have a master’s degree.

  • Brookline Job Market

If you’re packing your belongings, calling Massachusetts moving companies, and eyeing-up Brookline real estate, you’ll be pleased to know that finding a job here isn’t too hard.  There are tons of professional jobs in Brookline and throughout the Boston region.  Since Brookline residents are highly educated, they get to enjoy a median household income of more than $102,000 per year.  The average income per capita in Brookline is slightly higher than the national average, at more than $61,000 per year. While the national unemployment rate in the U.S. is 4.7%, in Brookline it is only 3.2%.  Education, science, technology, healthcare, and professional sectors are the largest industries in the region.  Also, the Boston area is home to some of the country’s most prestigious hospitals and healthcare institutions.  Management and business and financial operations are some of the most common professional titles in Brookline, and the job market is growing.

  • Brookline Schools

Brookline is home to eight different high schools and over 52 different schools.  However, the only public high school in Brookline is Brookline High School (BHS), which is highly rated.  Students who graduate from BHS demonstrate higher test scores than the state average, and the school provides students with access to 18 different AP courses.  The school also allows students to attend classes that are beyond their grade level, which teach to their skillset.  This helps students better prepare for college and life beyond high school.

  • Cost of Living

While Brookline does enjoy a more robust job market and higher pay scales than the national average, it also has to deal with a higher cost of living, too.  Housing is the most expensive part of living in the neighborhood.  A home in Brookline will have a median value of more than $758,000 - double for the entire state of Massachusetts, and four times the national average.

Prefer to rent instead of own?  That will also cost you more than the national average.  Renting an apartment in Brookline costs an average of 2,000 dollars per month.  It’s still cheaper than owning a house, which is probably why half of all Brookline residents rent instead of own. 

Brookline is located in an area that sees some severe Nor’Easter storms, dumping an average of 54 inches of snow on Brookline’s heads. Winters are brutal, so pack accordingly.  However, it’s pretty sunny in this part of the country, and Brookline averages more than 200 sunny days per year.  Consumer goods and services are also more expensive in Brookline, at more than 30% of the national average, and up to 10% higher than the state average.  The fact that Brookline is so close to Boston can explain why consumer goods are a little more expensive here.

  • Brookline Neighborhoods

Coolidge Corner, Washington Square and Brookline Village give residents a good mix of both urban and suburban living.  There are many beautiful homes for sale in these neighborhoods, but they are also chock full of stores, boutiques, and other economic activity.  Residents will get to enjoy access to lots of kosher goods and eateries.  Fisher Hill is one of the best neighborhoods in Brookline if you’re looking to reproduce your upscale lifestyle in Massachusetts.  This part of the community offers a range of estate-style homes, where residents are insulated from the noise and activity of the city.  These homes are also older, offering residents access to beautiful and unique historic architecture and features.  South Brookline is more rural and was originally home to the area’s farmers. The plots have since been divided up for smaller residential properties, but they are still very large thanks to conservation efforts.  If you’re planning a move to Brookline, an experienced local real estate agent can help you narrow down which neighborhood will be the right fit you.  Keep these facts about Brookline in mind when searching for your dream home in Massachusetts.


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What Is Home Staging, And WHY Do I Need It?

What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is the act of styling and presenting a home so that it appeals to the most likely buyer demographic. Home Staging is marketing. Effective Home Staging ensures that your home will be seen looking its best, results in beautiful and engaging MLS photographs and allows buyers to emotionally connect to it. When buyers visualize themselves living in a home, they are more likely to make an offer. While the concept of staging has been around for decades, only recently Home Staging is becoming an industry standard. Whether occupied or vacant, all homes will benefit from staging. Occupied homes typically have too much in the way of clutter and furniture while vacant homes lack style or don’t photograph well. Competent stagers are skilled in both areas but it’s not unusual for some to specialize in one or the other. 

Why should I consider staging my upcoming real estate listing?

Given the popularity of shows on HGTV and information available on the internet, sellers and buyers are more informed and savvy than ever. This is crucial to understanding why staging is so important. They understand the relevance of staging and how it will improve the appearance of their home. Buyer’s expectations are high and they know what they are looking for and at the top of the list is move-in ready. Also, it is becoming increasingly more common for sellers to inquire with their agents about offering staging services. At least one nation-wide real estate firm now proudly offers to pay for staging as part of their marketing package. By not offering staging, you are only helping sell the competition because someone else will! 

What are simple tips for home staging?

When people make the decision to move, almost always, they are looking to hit a reset button. You are trying to tell a story here so no more chaos, papers strewn about or laundry piles everywhere. Today’s buyers are busy and stressed. Simple, stylish home design is a motivating factor to this group. Showing your home as calm, restful and organized is paramount so you’ll need to look at your home objectively. Each room needs to serve its purpose and one purpose only. Does your family room have a messy desk, craft table and ironing board? A family room is a place to gather to watch tv or play a board game. Does your bedroom have a treadmill and a drying rack? That’s too much information and sends the wrong message. All that is needed is a bed, bedside tables, lamps, a dresser and fresh bedding. A few charming touches like art and accessories will be enough to finish the space. 

Next, get rid of the clutter. Heavy drapes, scatter rugs, bulky furniture, crammed bookshelves, papers and countertops are visually choppy and should be minimized to create an open and airy space. It may make sense to buy Marie Kondo’s book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, to begin your clutter-free journey. She’ll take you through ridding yourself of material excess in an organized way that sparks joy. You are trying to sell your space not your belongings so drawing the eye towards beautiful pine flooring, a bay window or a stately fireplace take precedence over your children’s art collection.

You’ll want to address how “old” your home looks. The lifespan of a design trend is about 7 years so If it’s been more than 5 years since you last painted, you might consider repainting in an on-trend, neutral tone. Consult with a professional or do some research on a site like to avoid costly mistakes. Address lighting. Are you living in the dark? Light and bright gives buyers a positive outlook and opens and recedes. Do you have a dark half-finished basement filled to the brim with junk? Even if it’s cinder-block, clear it out, paint the walls white, the floors medium gray, add a bright throw rug and few cute toys like a wood riding horse, install some track lighting and you’ve just added some great useful space!

How much should I spend staging my home?

Staging is objective. When considering hiring an expert, it’s vital to examine the before and after photos in their portfolio. This is the best way to ensure results you will be pleased with. Expect a good professional staging consultation to run about $200-$300. More or less if a written report is included. Need more help? You’ll probably be looking at between $50 and $250 per hour depending on how experienced your stager is and your location. In Metro Boston, the cost for staging will be between $600 and $1,000 on average. If you rent furniture, the low end will set you back $2,500 for a 1,000 square foot, two bedroom city condo and a 4,000 square foot, four-bedroom suburban home could easily fetch a $15,000 price tag for a 3-month lease. 

Staged homes sell for about 6% more on average, so think about your bottom line. If your home is on the market for $600k, that could equate to a $36,000 profit from your staging efforts, when done correctly. 

A home is likely the largest investment you will ever make and protecting its value is up to you. Your home has brought you and your family many memories and the best way to show your gratitude is to pass it proudly to another who will also cherish it.


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FREE Home Buying Seminar Wednesday, January 30th!

Join us at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, January 30th for a fun, informative and FREE Home Buying Seminar.  This short presentation - perfect for first-time homebuyers or anyone looking for a refresher on the process - will feature info and tips from real estate agents, lenders, home inspectors and real estate attorneys!  (Food and drinks will be served.)


Topics will include:

  • Overview of the home buying process
  • Snapshot of the local market
  • Secrets to getting an accepted offer
  • Comparing financing options
  • Preparing for home ownership
  • Buying vs. renting
  • Home inspection process
  • What to expect at the closing table
  • Q&A


WHEN:  6:00 to 8:00 PM on Wednesday, January 30th 2019

WHERE:  The Courtyard Marriott Brookline @ 40 Webster Street, Brookline MA 02446

WHO:  Anyone interested in the home buying process!

RSVP: (limited space!)



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    Why You Should Move to Boston, MA in 2019

    Boston has a lot to brag about.

    We're perfectly located in the heart of the most historically rich areas in the United States. We have a rich amount of diversity that draws people from all of the world into our city. We offer a dynamic, educated, cultured atmosphere that inspires residents to stay and build upon that progress towards an even better tomorrow.

    The New England metropolitan area continues to grow into a hub that serves the needs of several demographics—students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and families. Within the past year alone, it is clear that Boston, as well as the greater Boston area, is the right place to be for individuals and families to plant roots for a more balanced quality of life throughout different life stages. 

    Here are some of the highlights from 2017 that prove Boston living is nothing less than a home run:

    The level of education in Massachusetts has been a positive advantage compared to the rest of the country. U.S. News & World Report named Massachusetts the top state in 2018 for education based on several key factors. In addition, several Massachusetts high schools earned national and state level recognition. 


    Many people forget that the beach isn't too far from Boston—depending on the Boston suburb, it's only a T ride away! Living by the beach in Massachusetts while also having close access to Boston is an ideal living situation for some individuals and families. In 2018, these seven Massachusetts beach towns were ranked as the "Best Beach Towns to Live In" by WalletHub's study. 

    And, if you're ever looking to escape Boston in the summer, take a trip to the Prettiest Town in Massachusetts named by Architectural Digest. 

    One recognition that truly set Boston and the state of Massachusetts apart from the rest of the nation was its top ranking as the Best State to Raise a Family. The badge of honor says a lot about how the state values community, education, safety and stability for all. 

    Interested in moving to Boston or the Greater Boston Area? Feel free to contact us today by sending an email or giving us a call—we look forward to finding the right home for you!

    Luxury Condominiums Available in Somerville, MA

    Explore Somerville, a culturally rich and diverse city a T ride away from Boston

    Somerville, Massachusetts is located just 2 miles north of Boston. Somerville is a densely populated community occupying slightly more than just 4 square miles.

    You will find a variety of both history and culture in Somerville. More than 50 languages are spoken in Somerville schools, as Somerville is one of the most diverse communities in the country. Somerville is defined by its city squares. Among Somerville's most active squares are Union Square, Davis Square, and Ball Square. You will find a mix of housing styles available in Somerville. 

    Although the real estate market in Somerville and other communities within the Greater Boston area, it has pushed developers to build beautiful, high-value properties to suit a variety of lifestyles. In this blog post, we want to highlight these luxury condominiums that can accommodate working professionals or serve as an ideal real estate investment in close proximity to Boston. 

    260 Beacon Street, Unit 209, Inman Square

    Somerville, MA 02143

    MLS Number 72420029

    Basic Information:

    • 4 bedrooms
    • 1,805 sq. ft.
    • Price: $1,325,000

    Ideally situated along Somerville's Beacon Bike Corridor, Beacon260 is a boutique new construction, condominium mid-rise featuring 17 residential units ranging in size from 1-4 bedrooms and three ground-level retail spaces. This particular unit is a 2 level four bedroom, on the third and fourth floor. Flooded with natural light, these luxury condominiums feature open floor plans with custom cabinetry from Italy, white quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, and sleek Porcelanosa tile from Spain. These thoughtfully selected finishes and elevated fixtures cultivate a unique sense of home. Enjoy your private deck in each unit along with conveniences such as in unit washer/dryer, elevator building, and underground parking. From your doorstep, its less than ten-minute walk to Harvard Law, Harvard and Porter Sq Red Line access, bus line to MIT, and every imaginable shop and restaurant along Mass Avenue, or bike down Beacon St to Tech Sq

    21 Elmwood Street, Unit 2, Davis Square

    Somerville, MA 02144

    MLS Number 72417802

    Basic Information:

    • 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
    • 2,345 sq. ft.
    • Price: $1,295,000

    $100K PRICE REDUCTION!! Exceptional new renovation 4 bedroom/3 bath penthouse duplex with high end features throughout, spacious rooms, private outdoor space + 2 car parking, all on a sleepy side street near Davis Square! A private entrance takes you upstairs into an inviting open floorplan with living, dining and kitchen spaces. The kitchen is simply gorgeous w/an oversized peninsula, Thermador professional appliances, Statuary Classique quartz countertops + striking woodgrain cabinetry. There are also 3 bedrooms on this level, including a guest suite with a private bath and deck. The bathrooms are tiled in a modern pallet w/Grohe fixtures + modern vanities. Upstairs is a dedicated master suite w/two rooms, cathedral ceilings, a beautiful tile bath with an oversized shower and access to a private deck from this level. Added perks include HWF's throughout, energy efficient systems + lighting, high profile millwork, quality Jeld-wen windows and so much more!

    37 Harrison Street, Unit 2

    Somerville, MA 02143

    MLS Number 72430496

    Basic Information:

    • 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms
    • 1,569 sq. ft. 
    • Price: $1,049,500

    This sun-filled 3BR 2.5 Bath condo on a quiet street has been gut-renovated into modern duplex. Open floor plan on the 1st floor offers a spacious and flexible living space. A sunny study and two bedrooms upstairs with vaulted ceilings and skylights reveal artful design. In-unit laundry w/ washer/dryer installed. Relax on the front balcony or host BBQ parties on a massive private deck. Features include: Marvin Integrity Energy Star windows, Carrier 2-zone central HVAC with smart thermostats, Navien tankless on-demand water heater, Bosch appliances, Hansgrohe plumbing fixtures with rain shower. State-of-the-art fiber cement sidings, mahogany deck boards, and permeable stone paved driveway are built to last! A deeded parking spot wired for an electric car charging station and a large storage shed complete the package. 10 minutes walk to Harvard, Porter Sq, and Whole Foods. Commuters' dream: Red Line T at Porter Sq; bus or bike to Kendall Sq; Green Line T at Union Sq to open in 2.5yrs.

    40 Medford Street, Unit 303, Union Square

    Somerville, MA 02143

    MLS Number 72299770

    Basic Information:

    • 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms
    • 1,507 sq. ft.
    • Price: $987,000 ( plus $193.23/month)

    Last one/////40 MEDFORD STREET is on the Cambridge/Somerville line close to Kendall Sq, Inman Sq, Union Square, and the proposed New Green Line Station. This NEW CONSTRUCTION elevator building is Luxury Living and has all the amenities. Top of the line cabinets with Quartz marble countertops with GE Café SS Appliances. Bright Sunny Airy Town House Condos wit high ceilings on 2 floors 3rd and 4th floor. Open concept on First Floor with 1/2 Bath and 3 Bedrooms on the 2nd floor and 2 full Baths(Top floor). Condo fee $193.23 a month.1 deeded parking spot per unit.

    Are you searching for the perfect home in Boston, MA or the Greater Boston Area? Contact us at Longwood Residential today by sending us an email at or give us a call at 617-396-3100. We look forward to hearing from you and learning how we can help you find your home in Boston!

    Your Guide to Holiday Shopping in Boston, MA

    Where are you going to get your holiday shopping done in Boston?

    If you're new to the Boston area, it can be overwhelming to figure out the best places to meet your holiday shopping needs. Are you looking for bargains? One-of-a-kind, artisanal gifts by a local maker? Something in between?

    Let us help guide you in the right direction with some local Boston shopping guides!

    Find something for everyone with TimeOut's Holiday Markets in Boston

    Sometimes there is no better way to get in the holiday spirit than giving back to your community by shopping with artisanal, local vendors at a festive marketplace. TimeOut has great suggestions for the hottest pop-ups and unique local markets happening this winter in Beantown.

    Check off Santa's checklist for the kids by learning Where to Shop for Gifts in Boston This Holiday Season

    Even though the kids probably have quite a long list for Santa, delight them with something unexpected and special under the tree! Mommy Nearest breaks down the perfect places in the greater Boston area to find the right gifts that the little ones will love.

    Roadtrip outside of Boston to explore the 15 Best Holiday Shopping Destinations in Massachusetts

    There are plenty of places to shop in Boston, but why not try somewhere outside your neighborhood for a change? Take a day to explore a different town or mall that you haven't been to before and make it a fun holiday adventure remember!

    P.S. Want to get add a dose of festive Boston photos onto your Instagram? Follow these Boston-based influencers we love!

    Boston Joins Ranks of Top-Rated U.S. Big Cities

    Condé Nast Traveler's 2018 Reader's Choice Awards shares the ultimate "best of" travel list in the U.S. and beyond

    Every year, Condé Nast Traveler magazine asks their readers to vote on their favorite travel destinations around the world. This year, over 400,000 readers voted for their favorite cities, hotels, cruises, and airports.  

    We knew that Boston would make the list—the city joins New York and Washington, D.C. as the only big cities to represent the East Coast. 

    The Best Big Cities in the U.S.

    1. Chicago, IL
    2. New York, NY
    3. New Orleans, LA
    4. San Francisco, CA
    5. Honolulu, HI
    6. San Antonio, TX
    7. San Diego, CA
    8. Seattle, WA
    9. Portland, OR
    10. Boston, MA
    11. Washington, D.C.
    12. Denver, CO
    13. Nashville, TN
    14. Minneapolis, MN
    15. Indianapolis, IN

    Other honorable mentions for Massachusetts in the 2018 Condé Nast Traveler Reader's Choice Awards include:

    In addition to recognition for Boston's traveler appeal, Boston has earned other additional accolades for its residents, including Best U.S. State School System and Best State to Raise a Family.


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      Fun November National Holidays and Where to Celebrate Them in Boston, MA

      Have fun spending the heart of autumn exploring Boston with these national holidays

      Although there is a hint of hokey-ness associated with the concept of "unofficial national holidays," the themed days offer great opportunities for small talk at the office or even inspire you to take the time to do something you enjoy or try something different.

      We picked a few November national holidays that you can enjoy within your Boston neighborhood

      November 1- National Author's Day

      Where's a better place to celebrate National Author's Day than your local independent bookstore? Open since the late 1800s, The Brattle Book Shop in downtown Boston is one of the oldest bookstores in the nation. Trident Booksellers and Café on Newbury Street is another great option to browse books with a cup of coffee or over Sunday brunch!

      November 12- Happy Hour Day

      Fun Fact: Technically, Happy Hour is illegal in Boston. However, there are plenty of bars that offer great after-work food specials to go along with your beer and cocktails. Eater Boston has a complete round-up of the Boston's Best After-Work Dining Deals to check out with your coworkers or weeknight date!

      November 17- Take a Hike Day

      Explore somewhere new outside of downtown and get a breath of fresh air along one of the beautiful hiking trails in Massachusetts or nearby in New Hampshire. Living in the Boston area means you have access to both mountain and the beach! See where you would like to spend the day on Fitt Boston's list of must-see hiking spots nearby Boston.

      Not crazy about going outside of the city? Take a late afternoon stroll along the Charles River in Cambridge and stop for dinner around Kendall Square for farm fresh, local options. 

      November 25- Shopping Reminder Day

      It seems like the reminders for holiday shopping start so early, but November 25 marks the official 1-month countdown to Christmas. Not sure where to shop in Boston? Scroll through our shopping guide to find the perfect place to find the rights gifts for everyone on your list. 

      November 29- Greeting Card Day

      Technically, the national holiday is "E-Greeting Card Day." but we'd prefer to take the time and send out snail mail! It's hard not to walk into a stationery store surrounded by neat pens, elegant cards and, leather-bound journals without feeling inspired to write a note (or two). Check out Black Ink's locations in Boston and Cambridge, or any of these local stationery shops

      Million-Dollar Listings Available in Wellesley, MA

      See the best Wellesley, MA has to offer with these luxurious real estate listings

      Wellesley, Massachusetts is located 13 miles west of Boston and is a predominantly residential community. Wellesley is a highly desirable suburb for those working in Boston due to its geographic location as well as its visual characteristics. Wellesley is an employment center in the area, and there are several attractive office parks located in the towns eastern section. Wellesley is also a college community, having within its borders Wellesley College, Boston College, and Massachusetts Bay Community College. 

      Here are several beautiful listings currently available in the village of Wellesley, MA (as of 10/8/18):

      25 Kenilworth Road

      Wellesley, MA 02482

      MLS Number 72396531

      Basic Information:

      • 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms
      • Price: $3,495,000

      Gorgeous, distinctive residence in sought after Dana Hall neighborhood! A comprehensive renovation and expansion seamlessly blended today's most desirable amenities. Spectacular kitchen has two islands, custom cabinets, stunning hardware, high-end appliances and box-beam ceilings. A sensational great room has a gas fireplace and tray ceilings. There are beautiful, elegant formal living and dining rooms as well as a study with fireplace. A spacious, convenient mudroom leads to a heated garage. The second floor offers a master suite with spa-like marble bath and ample custom closets; four additional family bedrooms; three full baths plus a laundry. A third floor suite has a full bath, wet bar and built-ins galore. The lower level includes both recreation and exercise rooms. Level grounds are enhanced with a bluestone patio, built-in grill, fire pit plus a sports court - all just perfect for both entertaining and family enjoyment. Outstanding condition and location. A home to treasure!


      37 Old Farm Road

      Wellesley, MA 02481

      MLS Number 72399314

      Basic Information:

      • 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms
      • Price: $4,895,000

      Almost complete! The most extraordinary New Construction, nestled on beautiful private 1.24 acres, in the Farms neighborhood. Elegant stone and shingle style home by a Wellesley-based design/build team. Modern open floor plan with 26' high, sun filled foyer adjoins the main 1st floor living areas: a two story vaulted ceiling family room, stunning living room with marble fireplace, and gourmet kitchen with large island. The home offers 6 bedrooms, 5 full and 2 half baths, including a lavish master suite with fireplace, walk-in closets and spa bath. French doors open to a bluestone covered patio that overlooks a private skating pond and expansive back yard. A separate porch has gorgeous views of abutting conservation land. The lower level (2,826 square feet) has a glass walled fitness room, guest suite, pre-wired media room and wine cellar. Striking design and skilled craftsmanship on a special property! Close to Mass Pike and Farms Train Station. October/November 2018 Occupancy


      62 Ledgeways

      Wellesley, MA 02481

      MLS Number 72169021

      Basic Information:

      • 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms
      • Price: $6,695,000

      Amazing Opportunity! A Fabulous One Acre Lot in the Much Coveted Wellesley Farms! Custom Home Designed by a Renowned Architect and Built by an Award Winning Builder! Attention to Detail is Always their Hallmark. Handsome Millwork. State of the Art Kitchen with Center Island. Family Room with Fireplace and Built Ins, Formal Living & Dining rooms plus a Library & Mud Room complete the First Floor. There are Five Bedrooms on the Second level including a Wonderful Master Suite with Spa-Like Bath and Master Dressing Room. The Lower Level offers Large Recreation/Living Area with Wet Bar, Exercise Room, 15 x 9 Wine Room with Reclaimed 5" Wood Floors & Mahogany Stain, Flex Room for either Media or Play Room Plus 6th Bedroom & Full Bath. The Exterior Features include an Open Air Porch with Remote Retractable Screen, Stone Fireplace and the ability for a Pool. Call for a showing today!


      124 Dover Road

      Wellesley, MA 02482

      MLS Number 72354874

      Basic Information:

      • 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms
      • Price: $4,950,000

      Spectacular Dana Hall Colonial, crafted by one of Wellesley's finest builders will take your breath away! A grand entrance hall w/sweeping staircase welcomes you into a stylish & sophisticated estate home filled w/exquisite detail including arched entries, millwork, hickory floors, solid mahogany doors & custom stonework. Formal fireplaced living room w/oversized windows & French doors to private office w/built-ins. Banquet-sized dining room accommodates all your guests in elegance. White gourmet kitchen w/granite countertops, the finest appliances & large island leads into sun-filled breakfast room w/French doors opening to bluestone patio perfect for entertaining. Step-down family room features stone fireplace flanked by bookcases, & double doors leading to 3-season porch. Six bedrooms include sumptuous fireplaced master w/luxurious bath, + French doors to private deck overlooking lush acre landscaped for privacy. Ideal location near Wellesley center, train, shopping & restaurants.


      190 Pond Road

      Wellesley, MA 02482

      MLS Number 72309143

      Basic Information:

      • 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms
      • Price: $4,595,000

      Designed by renowned architect Guy Grassi, remodeled in 2017, this spectacular 3-acre estate represents the elegance of a European Manor. Approached by a winding drive, this residence is situated on coveted Pond Road, just one mile from Wellesley Center and across the street from acreage owned by Wellesley College.Upon entry the gracious two story foyer with marble floors & soaring ceilings leads to a spectacularly appointed front-to-back living room with exquisite architectural details. The adjoining sunroom offers walls of windows overlooking the beautifully landscaped grounds. A mahogany library with custom built- in cabinets.New kitchen with state of the art appliances adjoins a a large family room with French doors opening to the private patio and access to separate guest suite. Second floor has 4 bedrooms with ensuite baths, including a new luxurious master bedroom suite. Finished lower level game & exercise rooms.Heated 4 car garage.This designer home has been completely updated.


      103 Washington Street

      Wellesley, MA 02481

      MLS Number 72402583

      Basic Information:

      • 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms
      • Price: $2,695,000

      Most incredible renovation by LDa Architecture. One of Wellesley's iconic homes. The interior is just as stunning as the street presence! 10 foot ceilings. All new Pella windows. Grand foyer flanked by formal living room & dining room. Open kitchen family room w/ oversized island & windows overlooking large & flat backyard. The butler pantry/bar along w/ the kitchen have cabinetry to the ceiling. Mudroom filled w/ built-ins. Radiant heated floors w/ the addition- kitchen family room, mudroom, master, garage & playroom. 5 bedrooms & 3 full baths on 2nd floor. Master w/ walk-in closet & carrara marble bathroom. Lower level w/ great ceiling height include a large playroom, full bath, exercise room, office & wine storage. 3 car garage w/ architectural detail matching home. Spectacular yard w/ large bluestone patio & stone walls. This home is truly a piece of art w/ it's custom woodwork & just across from Warren Park, train & restaurants. This is the best commuter location

      Like what you've seen so far? Check out more single family homes for sale in Wellesley, MA on our website!

      You can search through hundreds of listings to find the right real estate for you. Save your favorites when you register with us, then you can get email updates when similar properties that match your criteria are posted. Contact us for more information!