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Why Use a Rental Agent?

dog in the opened paper box Longwood Medical clients are savvy individuals.  By and large, they’re sensible people who make sound, valuable investments with their hard-earned money.  Also, by nature of their work, they are driven and self reliant – not ones to seek assistance at every turn.  It’s therefore unsurprising that when moving to Boston, many Longwood affiliates initially seek out apartments and homes – even in unfamiliar territory – on their own, without the guidance of professional real estate agents.  Who could blame them?  After all, with some shrewd clicks of the mouse it seems all pertinent information can be found online.  So with this in mind, why do so many Longwood Medical affiliates prefer using our services?

What’s the deal with real estate agents, anyway? Why use them? Where’s the value?

If we may, some things to consider:

Accountability.  There are plenty of great apartments around the Longwood Medical Area, and plenty of not-so-great spots as well.  Unfortunately the differences are usually indiscernible to potential residents during their searching phase, especially if done online.  Moving into a new apartment is not an insignificant decision.  Leases are typically 12 months in duration, and difficult (read: expensive) to break.  Don’t learn the hard way which spots to avoid.  Seek guidance from professionals who will stand by their recommendations.  Which brings us to another important point…

There’s more to an apartment than just the physical attributes.  So you’ve found the perfect unit.  The floor plan is spacious.  The view is spectacular.  The finishes are gorgeous.  And the price is right.  What else is there to know?  Well, plenty.  Arguably the most important factor in finding a great apartment is the management company (i.e., the people you call when the faucet won’t stop leaking, or your neighbors are blasting techno music all night).  Just as the physical level of quality varies greatly from building to building, there is a whole spectrum of management companies, ranging from tremendously responsive ones to the ‘nowhere-to-be-found’ kind.  Identifying these companies is the type of vital information you won’t find through a simple web search.  We’ve run some of the most prominent properties in the area, so we know what makes a great management company.  Find the good guys.

Don’t limit your options.  You’ll find there are two types of properties in Boston: the well-advertised, highly visible apartment communities of larger companies, and the hundreds of lesser-known properties owned and managed by smaller, individual landlords.  The latter operate without large advertising budgets; they instead rely on real estate agents and word-of-mouth referrals to attract new tenants.  Many of these properties, in fact, don’t advertise at all but rely solely on a handful of trusted brokerage companies to bring new tenants.  In some cases these beautiful, convenient, and affordable apartments remain invisible to potential renters moving from other areas.  One of these might very well be the perfect fit for you, so don’t limit yourself.  We’ll make sure every option is available to you.

Money, money, money.  As former property managers around the Longwood Medical Area, we have plenty of experience on the other side of the negotiation table when it comes to renting apartments.  Naturally we leverage this knowledge when assisting our current clients: we know what questions to ask, and how to get you the best deal possible.  Yes, there is a fee for our services, but unlike most companies this will be articulated upfront.  Most importantly, we’re confident you’ll find value in our expertise.  (Not to mention, many landlords actually cover the fee – and who doesn’t like free help?).

One final word.  At Longwood Residential, we understand the importance of finding a great living situation.  We understand that your apartment, condo, or house is more than just a physical structure – it becomes the center of your life.  We understand your need for convenience, affordability, security, and most importantly, enjoyment.  Your place should serve as the bedrock of your happiness, because if you’re happy with where you live, chances are you’re happy with other things in your life.  We’ll help find a place that is perfect for you and your particular situation.

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